New Image International:The History of Colostrum

The History of Colostrum


It may be surprising to learn that children’s immunity isn’t fully functioning until they are around 7 or 8 years old.

We know kids will be kids. Their natural carefree way of life – mixing with lots of other children, sharing toys, playing in all weather and conditions can expose them to all manner of ills and chills.

Immunity is the body’s way of fighting these ills and chills before you feel the symptoms. Natures best-kept secret is powerful support for the immune system. Colostrum is naturally occurring, and its proteins and antibodies support the immune system ensuring you and your children are healthy and protected.

Colostrum supports digestion by providing nutrients that nourish a healthy digestive tract. 70% of all cells that make up the immune system are housed in the gut, getting their gut bacteria healthy is one of the most important things you can do to keep everyone in your family fighting fit

We know that up to 90% of serotonin (the happiness molecule) is made in the gut, even more reason to ensure gut health is at it’s best! Studies also show colostrum supplementation has been linked to increased performance during exercise or sports, perfect for your little athlete!

Bovine colostrum is naturally low in lactose - 1 gram of colostrum has approximately 60mg (0.06g) - soit’s unlikely to cause digestive upset and may even help support healthy digestion so your system works smoothly and efficiently. Colostrum does this by supporting the health of gut tissue, for naturally efficient absorption, digestion & elimination. Colostrum and probiotics may also maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut. The amount of lactose in a daily serve of 2 grams of pure colostrum is less than a teaspoon of milk. - If you can tolerate a small amount of milk or yoghurt, then you are likely to be able to tolerate a moderate daily intake of colostrum

Not all colostrum is created equal!

Many factors contribute to great quality colostrum – but there’s no point in having a great quality product if it is going to be damaged during the digestive process. We’ve worked hard to source quality colostrum and created leading manufacturing techniques that minimally process it so our colostrum products retain more than 90% of the active immunoglobulin

Then we’ve gone one, vital step further. To protect the important bioactive components of our colostrum products through the harsh digestive process we’ve created a special patented liposomal delivery system, called Alpha Lipid™. The Alpha Lipid™ difference delivers nutrients into your body just as nature intended