New Image International:Omega CoQ10 The spark of life

Omega CoQ10 The spark of life


Have you ever been in a social situation only to find yourself embarrassed because you can’t remember someone’s name? Ever forget where you placed your keys or glasses? Maybe you’ve even lapsed into a moment of brain fog, unable to focus or concentrate despite your best efforts.

We could all use a brain boost now and then, we don’t have a backup to rely on if our brain fails. We need to take extraordinarily good care of it. Our brains are our command centre, our body’s mission control and when something goes wrong, it can adversely affect everything. Luckily, there are some proactive ways to enhance healthy brain function.

The foundation of any brain-health supplement program is Omega 3 and Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). That’s because your brain requires a phenomenal amount of energy for proper functioning. Our product Omega CoQ10 combines both Omega 3 fatty acids and CoQ10. CoQ10, is a powerful antioxidant and fuels your cells’ mitochondria so they can provide brain power while Omega 3 supports cardiovascular health and joint comfort.

Scientific research and health experts are suggesting that we need more CoQ10 and more Omega 3.

It is no surprise that eating right can actually make the brain function more effectively. Omega 3 fatty acids are thought to be the ultimate in antioxidant brain food. Some foods include broccoli, blueberries, tomatoes, nuts, and leafy greens to name a few. The two most beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids are eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic acids (EPA and DHA), present in many food sources like fish and also available in high quality supplements such as New Image™ Omega CoQ10, the spark of life. The real trick is to balance the Omega 3 vs Omega 6 ratio. Omega 6 is considered unhealthy in large amounts, this can occur when the omega 3 and omega 6 ratio is imbalanced. We need to eat a variety of omega 3 enriched foods plus take a high quality supplement to fill in any gaps.

Omega 3 EFA’s supports cardiovascular, respiratory, and immune health. It supports joint and tissue health while DHA Omega 3 is fundamental for optimal brain and neurological structure, function, and health. We looked for a well-respected fish oil, with the highest quality of Omega 3 we could find. The Omega 3 in each capsule to 300mg (DHA is 120mg and EPA is 180mg), equivalent to 1000mg of fish oils.

CoQ10, on the other hand is a naturally occurring powerful antioxidant found in every cell of the body, but whose levels naturally decrease as we age. It is essential for the production of energy in your cells and supports the maintenance of a healthy cardiovascular system while providing a general feeling of wellbeing. It is an orange-yellow enzyme made by our liver. It is found in every cell of our body and is the key ingredient in producing 95% of our body’s energy.

When we reach 30 years of age, our liver gradually loses the ability to make CoQ10. When our CoQ10 levels drop below normal, health problems begin to appear. Supplementing with New Image™ Omega CoQ10 protects your cells from damage, plus increases cellular energy production.

There are numerous nutritional supplements that can lend a hand to support healthy brain function. CoQ10 is responsible for promoting heart health, increasing energy levels, and aiding the immune system as well as helping to keep blood pressure levels in normal range. Omega 3 supplements provide the daily need for essential Omega-3 fatty acids. It may help lower triglyceride levels, increase HDL (good) cholesterol and enhance immune system functions. Combining CoQ10 with Omega fatty acids provides the benefits of both nutrients while enhancing the absorption of CoQ10.