New Image International

New Image Group climbs to 33 in the DSN Global 100

New Image™ Group, one of the world's the fastest growing direct sales companies, has leapt from number 52 all the way to number 33 on the sector's Global Top 100 list.
It is a remarkable feat for a company started in 1984 by former sheep shearer Graeme Clegg in a country with still less than five million` people.

The New Zealand headquartered health and beauty products manufacturer reported revenues of US$243 million in 2019 to earn 33rd place in the DSN Global 100 Awards recently announced.

Global direct sellers, including the likes of Amway and Avon, have a combined revenue of around US$180 billion, many as major contributors to wellness and beauty markets.

Graeme Clegg says New Image™ now has offices in many parts of the world including Australasia, South Africa, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Taiwan. The company is continuing its aggressive global expansion plans following constant demand for its products.

"People in New Zealand have no real concept of this retail channel and that some of our international representatives are earning up to $1 million a year from this distribution system," he says. "Traditional retailing is in decline and direct sales is expanding exponentially through better service and value."

Graeme Clegg says he is humbled by the impact New Image™ products have made on the wellness and prosperity of countless thousands of people. "Our state-of-the-art New Zealand manufacturing and packaging plants delivers products of exceptional value and quality, enabling us to securely market our products to the world."

New Image™ has collected many New Zealand export awards. Clegg says 172 patents and trademarks protect New Image's formulas, which include anti-aging and stem cell facilitation. The company's unique Alpha Lipid™ patent differentiates its colostrum from other brands by protecting the fragile bio molecules from adults' savage gastric juices, which can destroy colostrum's natural efficacy. "There is a lot of misinformation spread about colostrum, but research quickly reveals thousands of academic papers showing the beneficial effect of colostrum on human health," Clegg says. "Ours are science-based products supported by clinical trials published in medical journals. Colostrum's unique bio actives restore and reprogram the immune software facilitating optimum function."