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New Appointment Rod Taylor Chief Executive Officer

New Image™ International has announced of the appointment of Rod Taylor to the new position of Chief Executive Officer.

Rod’s impressive career includes 24 years senior management, marketing and sales experience in Direct Selling, his most recent roles being Managing Director for ‘Nutrimetics’ and General Manager for ‘Herbalife Nutrition’ Australia & New Zealand.

Graeme Clegg, Executive Chairman and Founder of New Image™ International says "His CV is impressive in the industry, including recent experience on the board of Direct Selling Australia. He will bring many positives to our business."

Excited to join New Image™ International, Rod commented: "New Image™ has a proud history of changing the lives of so many families around the world with incredible products, backed up by science and research and a competitive compensation plan. As a proud Kiwi, I feel it is a real privilege to join an incredible company that is one of the true pioneers of health products and direct selling around the world- a true New Zealand success story. I see an incredible future for New Image™."

New Image™ International is excited to take their next steps with Rod, helping to build strategy and growth across Asia, Africa and beyond

About New Image™ International

New Image™ International was founded in 1984 by Graeme Clegg who, inspired by the findings of extensive research, created our flagship colostrum-based health products. He is recognised as the pioneer of the colostrum industry.

For more than 36 years New Image™ International has continued to grow, increasing our offering to include nutritional, weight management and skincare products, sold throughout Asia Pacific and Africa by our network of Independent Distributors.

New Image™, one of the worlds the fastest-growing direct sales companies, has leapt from number 52 in 2018 to number 33 on the sector's Global Top 100 list last year. It is a remarkable feat for a company from a country with still less than five million people.

Proudly manufacturing all products in New Zealand, August 2019 saw a huge expansion in production capability with a new $50 million upgrade at the powder plant in Auckland, New Zealand. With sales increasing at a huge rate, due to the demand COVID-19 has created for immune based supplements, the infrastructure is in place to easily meet future demand.

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