New Image International: Looking after your gut is the best way to support your immune system

    Looking after your gut is the best way to support your immune system

    ColostrumAugust 03

    Today, words like ‘immunity’, ‘wellness’ and ‘probiotics’ are inescapable.

    Does strong immunity help you fight off ills and chills?

    Just like any foreign bug, the body will defend itself against the invader. Strong immunity is built on a healthy gut microbiome and an army of white blood cells. If someone is consuming a healthy diet based on an array of fruits, vegetables and wholefoods (foods in their whole and unprocessed form - e.g. a potato instead of fries), the immune system will be better-equipped to fight off any ills and chills.

    Hence, maintaining healthy immune function cannot be achieved by eating lots of chips, biscuits and packaged dinners every day, it’s built through a healthy lifestyle.

    You may be looking for ways to improve your immunity. The latest science shows a beneficial relationship between your gut microbiome, the foods you eat, and overall immunity. Your gut lining houses 70% of the cells that make up your immune system and eating the right foods which feed your microbes can help in maintaining your gut barrier integrity.

    What is the gut microbiome?

    Your microbiome is the ecosystem of trillions of microorganisms living in and on your body.

    A healthy gut flora supports our immune system, and makes vitamins, and other nutrients. It is known to be connected to your overall wellbeing, weight, energy, mood, and stress.

    Research shows that there is a huge amount of interaction between the body’s immune system and bacteria in the gut. Beneficial gut bacteria species have been demonstrated to impact the immune system.

    They have also been shown to significantly shorten the duration of having a common cold and decrease the severity of the symptoms. So, we need to focus on optimising our gut health, and strengthening the gut lining. Re-populating your gut with bacteria by eating prebiotic and probiotic rich foods.

    In turn, this will then help promote a strong immune system.


    Prebiotics and probiotics work together to maintain a healthy digestive system and promote a strong immune system.

    Prebiotics are the non-digestible components of food, which feed the ‘friendly’ gut bacteria.

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    A high-fibre diet is naturally rich in prebiotics, and this will help to obtain the subsequent health benefits of probiotics.

    Best prebiotic food sources: apples, asparagus, artichokes, bananas, broccoli, cauliflower, fennel, garlic, legumes, leeks, onions, pak choi, wheat and oats. Because we don’t eat enough fibre, Fibremax™ is your detoxing superhero! Just one serve of FibreMax™ gives you 40% of your daily fibre intake.



    Probiotics are microorganisms and the ‘friendly’ gut bacteria. They provide many health benefits, such as improving the intestinal microbial balance and boost the immune system.

    The best probiotic food sources are fermented foods such sauerkraut, fermented tempeh (type of soya), miso, kefir and yogurt.

    Probiotic supplements are taken to help boost the good gut bacteria. Alpha Lipid™ Lifeline™ combines colostrum and probiotics for a powerful immune and digestive system.

    Vitamin C is one of the most important watersoluble antioxidants in the body. Vitamin C is essential for the normal development and maintenance of many vital functions. The human body cannot synthesise it, so we need to take it daily through diet or supplementation. It is a significant nutrient for boosting immunity and may help to slightly reduce the severity and duration of a common cold.

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    Vitamin C

    King C is a powerful formulation that supports healthy immunity and reduces the frequency and severity of ills and chills. King C is buffered with natural Dolomite to make it gentle on the stomach and maintain balanced Calcium and Magnesium levels.

    Food sources include: broccoli, Brussel sprouts, kale, kiwi fruit and oranges or supplement with King C.


    We can alter the composition of the different species of bacteria in our guts, through diet and lifestyle. We need lots of variety when it comes to gut bacteria, so it is important to make sure our gut has as many different bacteria species as possible.

    Luckily, for us, this can be achieved by eating a variety of different foods and supplementing with New Image™ products - all of which promote a healthy gut lining, microbiome and consequently a healthy immune system.

    And of course, prevention is always a good place to start. To minimise your chances of ills and chills, follow these guidelines:

    • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
    • Cover your mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing and dispose of it.
    • Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose.
    • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and objects, such as doorknobs, desks, keyboards, mobiles and the kitchen and bathroom.